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Bioslife Slim

Bios Life Slim S Bios Life Slim S Assists the Body in Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar Levels. The fiber in Bios Life Slim has been found to lower the glycemic index when eat. Fibers slower the absorption of glucose in the intestine, which helps moderate the amount of glucose released into the blood. Reduces Appetite

Pack Size - 30 sachets, Price Rs. 2500.00 Buy Now

bioslife d

Bios Life D Bios LifeŽ D is a nutrient-rich fiber drink mix that contains a patented complex of soluble and insoluble fibers, vitamins, and minerals. ?Each serving of Bios LifeŽ D contains 4.5 grams fiber, comprised of 90% soluble fiber. Added to this fiber mix are optimal daily values of several vitamins and minerals.

Pack Size - 60 sachets, Price Rs. 3300.00 Buy Now

lean Complete

Lean Complete A Convenient healthy meal Replacement Shake designed to help you meet your weight loss goals. Enjoy the new and improved 30-Day supply of Lean Complete Vanilla. This deliciously satisfying meal replacement is a smooth, high-protein shake. Lean Complete helps build a lean, healthy body with essential vitamins, minerals, and natural fibers. Two scoops mix easily with 8 oz of water, skim milk, or soymilk. Enjoy Lean Complete in place of one meal per day

Pack Size - 540 gm, Price Rs. 1950.00 Buy Now

super chlorophyll

Super Chlorophyll   in the India market to thousands of distributors ready to help others enjoy the benefits of this great Unicity product. Super Chlorophyll has already had tremendous success around the world, especially in other parts of Asia, so the India launch was a natural fit. India leaders were informed of the product release ahead of time at the India and already, local distributors have expressed their excitement, saying Super Chlorophyll is a perfect product to help people Make Life Better in India, and that they are excited to have more products to offer people interested in improving their health.

Pack Size - 91 gm, Price Rs. 850.00 Buy Now